15 Things you don’t Know about Youtube

Welcome to ravistech.com, the future tech, and welcome back to another amazing blog and you’ve heard of YouTube right you’re on it using a daily basis after all internet become so cheap, and actually well there are some pretty amazing facts about YouTube we think you don’t know you might not even be able to remember a time before YouTube where did we watch videos before YouTube has certainly transformed the way that we use the Internet and even though many other websites have imitated their style none have quite come close and here are 15 things you never knew about YouTube

1. we partly have Janet Jackson’s Superbowl nip-slip to thank for the creation of YouTube one of YouTube’s founders was struggling to find videos of major events online in 2004 this included global events like the Indian Ocean tsunami as well as trivial pop culture events like Janet Jackson’s moment of embarrassment while performing with Justin Timberlake this difficulty was one of the reasons the team of founders got together and created a video sharing platform

2. Before it was about uploading videos YouTube began as a dating site before the co-creators could provide the world with a place to find Janet Jackson’s nips lip they created YouTube as a dating site the early 2005 version shows a very basic homepage asking if the user was a male or female who they were seeking and what age range they were interested in. This is also one of 15 things about YouTube.

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3. the very first youtube video uploaded was called me at the zoo one of the co-founders Jawad kareem uploaded a video of himself at the san diego zoo and it became the first youtube video kareem explains that he’s in front of the elephant enclosure and thinks the elephants along trunks are cool it’s pretty basic and only 19 seconds long but it has 34 million years

4. the first youtube content creator to hit 1 million subscribers was thread youtubers have firmly immersed themselves into popular culture as well as internet culture with many of them starting their own huge businesses writing books and getting mainstream TV shows through their YouTube channel the first to hit 1 million subscribers though was a 15 year old from Nebraska in 2009

5. size hit Gangnam style was the first youtube video to hit 1 billion views just before Christmas 2012 psy made history and broke YouTube’s video views counter one youtuber actually came up with a conspiracy believing that Gangnam style was related to the 2012 doomsday he was obviously wrong

6. In 2013 45% of users had uploaded a video featuring their pet who doesn’t love a cat video nearly half of all users have uploaded a video of one of their pets to YouTube platform there are apparently around 2 million cat videos on YouTube and dog videos are close to double this

7. YouTube’s last reported revenue was 200 million dollars in 2008 YouTube doesn’t officially release their figures but Forbes predicted their revenue to be at 200 million dollars in 2008 eight years later it’s rumored to be between 4 and 5 billion

8. various countries around the world have either permanently or temporarily blocked YouTube China is one of the most notable examples YouTube remains blocked in their country many other nations have blocked access as a result of finding offensive content for example Iran’s lost it when a video of a famous Iranian actress having sex appeared on the platform

9. for April Fool’s Day 2008 u2 rickrolled all of their visitors rickrolling involves linking someone to Rick Astley’s catchy 1987 hit never going to give you up when they’re expecting to be linked to something completely different YouTube got in on the action in 2008 by Rick rolling their visitors with every video on their homepage

10. YouTube’s three founders worked at PayPal before they started working together the three founders were quite pivotal in paypal history with one designing the logo they also initially funded YouTube with the bonuses they received from working at PayPal and then they left to work on YouTube full-time. 15 things about YouTube you should know.

11. the most watched video on YouTube that isn’t a music video is charlie bit my finger the famously simple but hilarious video charlie bit my finger is the most watched video on YouTube excluding the masses of music videos it currently has eight hundred and forty four million views the sneezing Panda comes in at second with 221 million

12. the most wealthy anonymous youtuber in the world is DC toys collector is rumored to have earned three point nine million dollars in 2014 and all of her videos feature her unboxing things on camera her channel has 8 million subscribers and she specializes in unboxing girly toys dolls and Barbies

13. Ronaldinho’s touch of gold night advert was the first youtube video to reach 1 million views uploaded in september 2005 this commercial hit 1 million views before anything else and it featured the world-famous Brazilian footballer receiving a pair of gold night football boots the original isn’t available anymore but there are plenty of reloads which have well over a million views

14. site visitors spend around 40 minutes a session watching youtube videos one of YouTube’s cofounders once said that he wanted people to watch YouTube like they watch TV now people are spending nearly half an hour at a time on average browsing YouTube helped in part by their sidebar of suggested videos and their automatic autoplay feature

15. YouTube broadcast the world’s first free online sporting events the 2010 Indian Premier League this was the first time a major sporting event was broadcast live and for free this deal included every country in the world except the US and the streaming deal was rumoured to be worth 50 million dollars

the YouTube really has an incredible digital company they’ve paved the way for many online platforms created something brand new and cemented themselves in popular culture they regularly break records and

now they’ve been bought out by Google the founders all have a significant nest egg – if you had to choose your absolute favorite YouTube video which one would it be would it be sneezing Panda a Justin Bieber video with a millions and millions of views or something a little bit more obscure that was uploaded way back in 2006

oh you’re still here well here’s another pretty interesting facts for you when YouTube launched in 2005 they really upset youtube.com an Ohio based company that makes Universal Tube and roll form equipment their site was regularly overloaded with people trying to access the new YouTube and it kept crashing they tried to sue the new video sharing platform got lost so they had to change their domain and admit defeat. 15 things about YouTube you must know.

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