BGMI Gameplay | Battlegrounds Mobile India July’21 INDIA

well, we’ll talk about all of that, BGMI Gameplay, and four important things you need to know about Indian PUBG or battleground mobiles India. We have previously published the registration link so that you can get early access to the app. And enjoy the gameplay: Although don’t worry! The game is released now officially; And The Download link is below.

Let’s go 


So first up the BGMI Gameplay | Battlegrounds Mobile India has a new logo. You get the tri-colour on the app icon so they are telling you it’s for India and

BGMI Gameplay : Old logo and new logo
PUBG logo and New BGMI logo

Old Data

The first thing about BGMI is you can use your old data as soon as you sign up. It tells you whether you want to import your old account data; like in my case, it’s asking to link your old Facebook or Twitter account. Then it will merge the data from your previous account and your current account. You cannot merge your account after 31st December 2021. 

BGMI Data Transfer

Anyways! I don’t think you guys will wait till that. Then you have to wait some time for the data to get merged.

BGMI Data Transfer Warning

Gameplay changes

Now, the gameplay is less violent. There are a lot of changes within the app; small changes but will affect your experience. The first thing is the colour of blood is now green. You can change the colour in settings to a slightly darker or lighter shade than normal.

And when you shoot someone, you can see leaves flying out of them. I personally feel the green colour blood doesn’t help in immersive game experience. 

Green blood

When you kill someone, it says finished instead of kill. It’s now, “finished”; Don’t worry! Chicken dinner is still there.

Overplay Notification

Also, there is now a gameplay management system in BGMI. in simple words, it will alert you when you play the game for a long time.

This is done because of huge pressure in India from quotes and everywhere for children spending a long time playing pubg.

BGMI Overplay warning

Start Game : Warning ⚠

Also, there’s a small warning at the start of the game. “This is a simulation game set in a virtual world and does not represent real life. Please play in moderation, take frequent breaks and play responsibly.”

BGMI Intro warning

There is also a warning when you open the app every time now.


Since this is an India exclusive game the servers are in India also. the game is locked at hdr, only I use the one plus Nord C to play bgmi and 

BGMI Indian server

BGMI Permission in phone 📱

As you can see; the gameplay is locked at 30fps. Another small thing I noticed is that bgmi now asks only for storage and microphone permission. I think with pubg it was different. Let me know in the comments below and 

BGMI permission

that’s the third thing 

Security of BGMI

The security, the game battleground mobile India is brought by Krafton company. Now in case, you don’t know PUBG was earlier distributed by Tencent mobile which was a Chinese company. Now, Krafton mobile which is a South Korean company is redistributing pubg mobile. Although, Tencent still has a small share in it. But it’s Krafton mobile now.

The servers are now only in India as you can see during the gameplay my location is India so you can only play with Indian players there’s a pop-up that says that you cannot change the server at your will you will have to do it in the settings I couldn’t find the option now but it could come later or you will have to contact customer service within the app 

BGMI Indian server

That’s it for the today guys!. I’ll come with the new topic soon. And wait for the next topic which is going to released soon. and If you haven’t subscribed our email newsletter do subscribe so that you can’t miss any posts whenever we publish new Articles.


See you soon!

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