Signal App: Know these facts if switching from WhatsApp

Hey! How are you buddy and how’s everything is going on! I hope that everything will be fine. Today I come with an interesting topic whose growth expanded exponentially after the new WhatsApp privacy policy update. It is none other than Image shown that is Signal App. Without wasting our time, Let’s start the facts about the Signal App: Know these facts if switching from Whatsapp

Signal App: Know these facts. Logo of the signal app
  1. At the beginning of 2021, WhatsApp asked its 2 billion+ users to agree to updated terms and conditions regarding sharing their personal information with Facebook, if users did not accept these T&Cs, they would be banned from using WhatsApp. Founder and CEO of Britain-based technology firm digital barriers zack doffman confirmed that WhatsApp collected the most data when compared to competitors like telegram iMessage and signal. The mass message from WhatsApp informed users that some data would be shared to Facebook including IP address, mobile network, contact numbers, service providers, browser information, and even battery level. company assure users that chats would remain encrypted but users felt the assurance just wasn’t enough so began looking for more secure alternatives like signal
  1. Due to all the drama and uncertainty surrounding WhatsApp, the signal has exploded in popularity it became the most downloaded free app on apple and google, and with its tagline of say hello to privacy you can understand why it got a certain boost in popularity ratings, the encrypted messaging app was founded in 2014 by Moxie Marlinspike who lists his credentials as software engineer, hacker sailor captain and shipwright the app was developed by a non-profit which we’ll go into more detail about later and doesn’t sell adverts or user data first though let’s have a look at the figures that reveal just how many people downloaded signal
Signal App: Know these facts
Moxie Marlinspike
  1. Signal App: Know these facts how many downloads have the signal gotten I think you know the reason why so many people are suddenly turning to signal, so how many people made that switch. According to, the signal had 7.5 million downloads between the 6th and 10th of January 2021 that was 43 times higher than the week before, telegram also had an exponential increase in downloads with 5.3 million in that same week. Signal wasn’t quite ready for the massive influx of new users and had to install new servers as they tweeted we continue to shatter traffic records and add capacity as more and more people come. to terms with how much they dislike facebook’s new terms. if you have not switched then new servers are ready to serve you.
Signal App: Know these facts :
Brian Acton
  1. If you’re thinking who owns signal, As I mentioned moxie marlinspike, a little earlier but he’s not the only one who can take credit for the platform. the company signal messenger LLC was founded by brian acton, who is a computer programmer and internet entrepreneur who also founded WhatsApp. with Jan comb signal messenger LLC is owned by a non-profit corporation under the umbrella signal technology foundation.
  1. The most common question that arises in our mind is signal really safer than WhatsApp? the answer to this question is what is driving more and more people to download signal in their own words on Twitter. The signal is cross-platform messaging app privacy isn’t an optional mode it’s just the way signal works every message every call every time look that could just be lip service so let’s see what makes signal safer than WhatsApp. According to signal is the safer option and here’s why despite both WhatsApp and telegram using encryption protocol signal differs in that it’s open-source that means any security researchers can detect where there are vulnerabilities. WhatsApp uses their own proprietary deployment, your content is safe with both as they use end-to-end encryption. the security weaknesses in WhatsApp is the backup to the cloud where the chat history is stored signal does not have this option.
  1. You have recently seen on Twitter that Elon Musk has tweeted a tweet in which he said to use signal but the major questions arises that What do signal and Elon musk have in common. Elon Musk who is momentarily the richest man in the world is also a huge fan of the signal. On the 7th of January 2021, he tweeted a very detailed in-depth message about his thoughts regarding signal, he said use signal but funny story though many people took his words to the next level and decided to buy signal stocks except as I have mentioned already they are non-profits, so you can’t buy shares. what people bought instead was shares of signal advance, a company that manufactures various detection devices in the medical field.
  1. Signal App: Know these facts: What protects your conversations on the signal. for a start, signal offers end-to-end encryption, so what does that mean it means that only those participating in the conversation can read the messages. On the surface, it looks like any ordinary messaging app and that’s what’s good about the app you don’t need to think about security and can be at ease knowing that what’s happening behind the scenes is all being done to protect you the user. As I mentioned already nothing is stored. There are pros and cons to that sure it’s great that there’s nothing people can gain access to but what if you lose your phone you lose every single conversation. As it’s not backed up like with WhatsApp.
  2. what features does the signal have besides being super secure? signal has other features which also make you consider downloading the app like any messaging app you can delete individual messages, however, the recipient will still have full access to the entire string of messages. on the signal, you can select the disappearing messages feature which removes the messages automatically. you can also select the time period before the messages are deleted. currently signal has promised no adverts but whether they can keep that up due to being an open-sourced project is debatable as it can be quite tough to monetize
  1. Signal App: Know these facts. How does signal make money if it’s owned by a non-profit when looking at the figures it’s hard to gauge exactly how much WhatsApp is worth but it’s estimated that each user is worth about four dollars to the company, so they could be valued in the region of five billion dollars their revenue comes mainly from businesses using the service to connect with customers.WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for 19 billion dollars and they’re to make a profit. the signal is not for profit with the intention of being there for the benefit of the user however they still need to pay their staff right they rely solely on donations to keep it up and running and because the app is open-sourced. Anybody can go in and point out gaps or holes and offer solutions at a hugely reduced rate. the signal team is quite small with the highest number of employees at any given time. Being Brian acton invested 50 million dollars into the business and with sudden growth, we can expect more big donations to filter through.
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  1. So what data does signal to keep nothing as plain and simple as that alexa’s signal keeps nothing, not even the developers can access your account or the messages media or documents that you’ve sent. it seems so far they live up to their motto of saying hello to privacy. If you have downloaded signal so what’s your experience of the app we’d love to hear from you in the comments as you know it doesn’t store anything in the cloud so if you lose your phone you lose all the chats however if you want to back up your conversations it is do-able just because everyone seems to be migrating to signal you don’t need to worry that you can’t save your chats it’s a bit of a long-winded process but if the chat is important to you then you won’t mind doing it otherwise enjoy the app for what it strives to be private personal and risk-free.

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